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Why Use Global Contact Solutions?

Best in Business

At Global Contact Solutions, we have created systematic processes that consistently provide the highest conversions and customer retention.Our systems, communication and experience provide an experience no other company can match.

Foolproof and Flexible

Your business is our lifeblood. With multiple locations worldwide, we have created a redundant service that is there when you need it most. Leveraging these locations allows us to create a service that fits any budget.

The Team

Sourcing important business processes to someone else requires faith and trust. Our team has built the reputation on doing what we say, rising to the occasion and treating your business like it is our own.

Why we are Different?

We are focused on long-term objectives instead of short-term gains. As a partner in your business, Global Contact Solutions strives to understand the nuances of your business to drive success over the long haul.
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Services We Offer

Inbound Services

Customer Care
Technical Support
Radio Sales
Direct TV Sales
Infomercial Sales
Reservations and Bookings
Call Overflow
After Hours Support

Outbound Services

Non Buyer Recovery
Order Confirmation Calls
Loyalty Programs
Billing Reminders
Lead Generation

Non Voice Services

Email/Chat Support
Chat Support
Exit Pop Sales
Exit Pop Survey
Repetitive Task Management
Quality Assurance
Account Audits
IVR Support
IVR Sales

A Recipe for Success

What are you waiting for? In today's fast-paced world there's not a moment to waste. Get in touch with Global Contact Solutions today and we'll work directly with you to give you the best solution available.